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    Designer Roman Blinds

    At Blinds & Designers, we bring you an exquisite selection of Roman blinds in an assortment of styles to effortlessly merge with any interior scheme. Highly versatile and designed to look fabulous for years, we have Roman blinds to match the requirements of a multitude of space. Whether you are looking for luxury Roman blinds to add a touch of glamour to your space or looking for something that exudes understated elegance, we have your needs covered. Explore the range that we have for you here. 

    Roman blinds make a stylish alternative to curtains and can blend with any interior scheme. They make an excellent addition to your home and you can choose from different shades. You can go for a patterned Roman blind or a blackout Roman blind to perfectly adorn your space. Our blinds are crafted to offer the perfect mix of design and functionality and you do not have to compromise on quality for aesthetics. Our unrivalled range opens amazing design possibilities and you will be impressed with the choices that we have for you. 

    Custom Made Roman Blinds 

    We understand that requirements vary and with our custom Roman blinds, you can add a timeless look to your interiors. With our bespoke options, you can get a blind designed exclusively for your home. We will ensure that the Roman blinds are to your exact specifications so that they flawlessly fit in your windows.  

    Discover A Fabulous Range of Roman Blinds

    Our goal is to ensure that the Roman blinds we also offer roller blinds, panel blinds with your expectations and make a stylish addition to your interior. Our experts are here to assist you at every step and you can count on us for offering the finest custom-made Roman blinds. While most of our products are manufactured in Melbourne, we also have options sourced from overseas.

    If you are looking for Roman blinds for windows, you have come to the right place. With our solutions, dressing windows is much easier. We have a broad range of options in varying fabrics and designs to match any décor. Whether you are looking for something for a contemporary look or exploring options for a traditional interior scheme, you will be surprised with the options we have. Luxurious and unique, our blinds will surely elevate the look of any space.

    The satisfaction of our clients is extremely important to us and we strive to offer a gorgeous range at an affordable price. Our Roman blinds adhere to the highest standards of quality and are crafted to enrich any space with a refined finish. Whether you want a plain fabric or need something more colourful, the choices are huge.

    In case you have questions or need our help to select the right blind, do not hesitate to  connect with us. We will be happy to take you through the options. Call us today to find out more.


    Cleaning Roman blinds is surprisingly easy as this decorative treatment for your windows can easily be dusted daily. If the blinds require thorough washing, then you can simply toss them in the washing machine. But in certain cases, they might require dry cleaning which can help avoid mould build-up and remove any potential contaminants in the blinds.

    Yes, custom Roman blinds can be cut to size so that they may fit your window better. This usually involves cutting down the slats of the blinds, by measuring where the cuts need to be done with a pencil and wrapping up the slats with masking tape to prevent any potential chipping.

    When it comes to Roman blinds, choosing the right fabric comes down to a variety of factors that you need to keep in mind. The first is of course the colour that you require that will go best with your interior decor. The second is the patterns and the textures of the Roman blinds, as certain patterns like stripes would look a lot better in a home as compared to solid textures. However, if you choose heavily embroidered textured fabric then you should be aware that they tend to wear out a lot faster than their normal counterparts.

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