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    Custom Designer Roller Blinds 

    At Blinds & Designers, we bring you a wide range of roller blinds, built to suit any space and décor style. Offering the utmost in practicality and design, our roller blinds make a popular option for the modern Australian home. Convenient to use and offering complete protection, our roller blinds make the perfect option to keep your home shaded. If you are considering options for home improvement, explore the roller blinds options that we have here. Whether you are looking for double roller blinds in Melbourne or have some other preference, we have your needs covered. Check out our range today.

    Are you looking for custom-made roller blinds to enrich your space with a flawless look?

    We understand that blinds are an integral part of any room and play a vital role in enhancing the overall look. The requirement of every space is different and with custom roller blinds, you can never go wrong. The blinds are crafted to effortlessly fit in your windows and match with the existing décor. We have amazing options to choose from and our customisation option opens fabulous possibilities.

    A Complete Range of Roller Blinds Available at a Competitive Price 

    We can create roller blinds to your specifications to transform the look of any room. The roller blinds offer the privacy and security that you require and are equipped with the latest features. They are easy to maintain and you can even opt for the blackout linings for complete light control. Highly versatile and available in sleek designs, we have blinds in an exclusive range of styles. Speak to our experts to discuss your requirements and browse through the options.

    If you are planning to upgrade your windows and looking for cost-effective options, our roller blinds make a great choice. As a leading company, we are committed to offering high-quality blinds like roller blinds, roman blindsvenetian blinds at an affordable price. We have a broad range of options to suit any interior scheme and budget and are confident that you will find your dream blind design. If you need cheap roller blinds in Melbourne, check out our options. Our products are manufactured in Melbourne, Australia and some a sourced from overseas to ensure that you get the best.

    Do you want to find out more about our roller blinds? 

    Our goal is to make your purchase experience fulfilling and have stunning options in a fantastic choice of colours and textures. We understand that every space is different and so are your preferences. With our collection, we wish to cater to the needs of customers of every taste and budget. You can choose on-trend colours or go for something unique. Whether you are looking for lighter shades or would like to opt for vibrant colour, we have your needs covered. We have blinds made from quality fabric to look beautiful for years.

    Connect with us to find the perfect blinds for your home. We will take you through a wide range of options and help you select the most appropriate roller blinds.


    There are a number of ways to make designer roller blinds look good. If you were to choose the reverse roll, then you can effectively have the blinds come over the front of the roller that completely obscures it rather than the conventional way, where the blinds come underneath the roller. Furthermore, it is extremely important to choose the right transparency as it can have significant effects on the overall decor of a room.

    Custom roller blinds operate on a simple concept, where the fabric of the blinds is rolled around the tube that either goes up or down with an internal ratchet. That also allows you to lock the blinds into place, based on the level of shading that you are satisfied with.

    To ensure that you always have clean roller blinds, you need to conduct regular cleaning with occasional vacuuming to prevent any kind of dust build-up. If you want a deeper clean to remove temporary stains or small layers of grime, then it is recommended to use a damp cloth after the vacuuming has been finished. If the stains are tougher and a lot more difficult to remove, then it is recommended to use a stain remover as long as it is safe to be used on the fabric of your blinds.

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