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    Discover an Exquisite Range of Custom Motorised Blinds

    At Blinds & Designers, we bring you a fabulous range of custom motorised blinds, built to ensure smoother operation. Designed to harmoniously merge with any interior style, our motorised blinds for windows can be conveniently operated with just the press of a button. The amazing options that we have, make our range suitable for all types of interiors. The operation is seamless and the blinds hang perfectly balanced. If you are planning to install electric motorised blinds, check out the options that we have here.

    Motorised blinds offer the ultimate convenience and make the perfect option for the modern home.

    You can control your blinds with just the press of a button through remote control or your smartphone. With motorised blinds, it is possible to create a neater and safer space as there are no cables. You can easily position your blinds and align them based on your requirements.

    Motorised blinds are a great option for large windows or those that are higher-up. The innovative features and unrivalled acoustic performance make our blinds a popular option. They also make your home more secure by giving you the flexibility to program and control your blinds even when you are not at home.

    Affordably Priced Motorised Blinds

    We understand that every space has its unique requirements. Our custom motorised blinds can be made just for your space. We will ensure that the blinds perfectly cover the entire pane and function smoothly without snagging.

    Are you looking for cheap motorised blinds?

    We bring you the finest selection of motorised blinds, designed for an effortless operation. The options ensure that you are able to find something that exactly matches your budget, lifestyle and the needs of your home. While we are committed to offering blinds solutions such as  outdoor blindsvertical blinds that adhere to the highest standards, our options are priced competitively. Highly versatile and built to last, we assure you that our motorised blinds offer great value for money.

    We are passionate about what we do and are a leading supplier of blinds in Melbourne. We have rich experience and are trusted for offering blinds of the highest quality. No matter the style of the blind you are looking for or the colour, you are sure to find it with us. There are fantastic fabrics and textures to choose from and with our bespoke options, you can elevate the appeal of your home.

    If you choose to buy window covering solutions from us, you can be sure of a truly fulfilling experience. Our products are manufactured in Melbourne, Australia and some a sourced from overseas to ensure that you get the best.

    Are you unsure about motorised blinds or need our suggestion to find the right one for your home? 

    We have wide experience and will be happy to assist you. Do not hesitate to connect with our team. Based on your precise needs, we will take you through the options to help you make an informed choice. Call us today to find out more about our motorised blinds. 


    On a general basis, it is not particularly difficult to install motorised blinds based on the type of blind or shade that you are purchasing, there might be certain differences in installation specifications. Many motorised blinds come pre-programmed. However, reprogramming is quite easy to adjust upper or lower limits on the blinds themselves.

    Blind motorisation is as reliable as any other standard window coverings solution. They last quite a while as long as the battery-operated shades are charged periodically. Their average lifespan is roughly between 3 to 10 years but this can also be impacted based on the frequency of usage.

    Electric motorised blinds have a decibel range that often varies depending on the product type, the size of the window treatment, as well as the brand. The good news is that motorised blinds are designed to have a very low volume during operation so they are quite silent and produce only a soft humming when the blinds are in operation.

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