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    Looking for custom blackout curtains?

    At Blinds & Designers, we bring you an exquisite range of blackout curtains, designed to keep the light out and create a cosy and calm space. Available in various styles and designs, we have blackout curtains to perfectly suit the requirements of every space. Whether you are looking for patterned blackout curtains or those that add a luxurious look to your space, we have your needs covered. Browse through our range today to dress your windows beautifully.

    If you are looking for gorgeous curtains to transform the look of your space, explore the options that we have for you. We understand that preferences vary and bring you a stunning collection to give your home a unique look. With our curtains, you can create a comfortable ambience while adding a touch of elegance. We have curtains that are meticulously crafted from the finest fabrics and will look fabulous for years. If you are keen to give your room a stylish update, our curtains make a great choice.

    Custom Made Blackout Curtains

    We believe that every space has its unique requirements and with our custom-made curtains, you can dress your windows perfectly. No matter the size or shape of your window, our customisation options ensure that you get curtains exclusively tailored for your windows. There are various finishes to choose from and based on the existing décor scheme of your home, you can find the most suitable window dressing option.

    Blackout Curtains For Windows

    We take pride in bringing you stunning curtains to harmoniously merge with any setting. Created to transform the look of your space and to offer the perfect mix of design and functionality, we have amazing options in store for you.

    Find Out More About Our Blackout Curtains

    If you are looking for blackout curtains, drapes curtains that completely block light, check out the choices that we have here. We are always adding to our collection and are aware of the latest design trends.

    Whether you are looking for curtains with striking designs or need something in subtle shades, we have your needs covered. Our products are manufactured in Melbourne, Australia and some are sourced from overseas to ensure that you get the best.

    We are committed to offering high-quality curtains in an assortment of styles, designs and colours. No matter the precise needs of your home, we are confident that you will find a curtain that adds a flawless and sophisticated look to your home.

    Do you have any doubts or need our help to pick the right curtain for your home?

    Do not hesitate to connect with us. Our goal is to make your experience absolutely fulfilling and will offer professional and friendly suggestions.

    We will take you through the options and will help you in selecting a blind that best works for your space.

    Call us today to find out more.


    The primary purpose of blackout curtains is to ensure that zero sunlight can penetrate them and enter the room. This is why when you install blackout curtains, you will often find that the room itself is engulfed in darkness even though it might be bright and sunny outside.

    The best fabric for blackout curtains is heavy microfiber when used with triple weave technology. These curtains can cut light up to 90%, and also provide a significant amount of insulating features. If you want blackout curtains that last quite long, then the best option is to go with polyester as it is highly durable and low cost.

    Blackout curtains for windows come in a wide variety of different fabrics. One of these are thermal insulated blackout curtains. These curtains, reduce any heat transfer by completely insulating the room and keeps your room cool in the summers and warm in the winters. These curtains are typically made of heavy microfiber using triple weave technology.

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